Great Blogs by Programmers

Recently, my friend Tobias started blogging. My next article was long overdue and his “break-through” finally pushed me over to publish something. Even better, his blog fits the topic of this article! So without further ado it follows a list of programming related blogs which I find particularly great.

Room 101 by Gilad Bracha. I really love this Gilad guy. He is super eloquent and has a very dry and cynical humor—quite to my taste. Studying his career should reveal to you that he knows one or the other thing about programming language design and listening to him will clear all doubts. Go watch some of his talks to see what I mean. As a Smalltalk enthusiast one or the other blog post is inspired by the language and its ideas. Almost never is the essence of a blog posts solely Smalltalk specific, however. To sum up, Room 101 is full of deep and entertainingly written thoughts on all things programming languages by a guy who knows his stuff and is not afraid to be controversial. I do not agree with all of his views but I do with a large portion of them. 123

Bozho’s tech blog – Opinions by Bozhidar Bozhanov. Bozho’s tech blog is concerned with opinions for the working mainstream enterprise developer and more. He is to the point, sometimes controversial and, most importantly, sees through bullshit. I find he hits the nail on the head on many things wrong or right in our developer culture. I often hear myself saying “yes, that’s exactly what I think, too” when I read his posts. 45

Rich Hickey’s Talks by Rich Hickey. Even if you are not a fan of Clojure and Functional Programming in general, his talks are great. Plus, they are often not really Clojure specific anyway. In fact, I do not actually think that following his ideas is necessarily the best way to program but he at least opened my mind to looking at programming from another perspective. And having his ideas in the back of your head is a very good thing, I believe, even if you decide to not apply them most of the time. 76

The last part are links to blogs where I really like some of the articles and the general theme but where the rest of the blog does not interest me as much as the blogs from above. Still, I think they are good resources.

  1. Love” in the sense of an American person “really loving the fries” ;). 

  2. Even the title of his blog is proof of his dry humor ;). 

  3. Most importantly, his posts often—if only implicitly—look at programming languages from a usability perspective. 

  4. The ability to see through bullshit is actually also a characteristic of both Gilad and Rich. 

  5. Many of his posts often—if only implicitly—look at programming stuff from a usability perspective. 

  6. But then you apply these ideas in a tiny portion of a program where they really are beneficial and you are happy that you knew about them. 

  7. One could argue that videos do not really fit the blog theme of this article. On the other hand, one could argue that the typical text representation of blog posts is just an implementation detail, so I think we are good to go ;).