Where My Tracks End Up

One or two years ago I uploaded my old tracks to Soundcloud with a very unrestricted license. My tracks were just sitting there with a couple of plays and likes when one day I noticed that I received an unusually high amount of plays and likes for one of my tracks. I wondered about the reason for this increase in plays because the comments did not provide any clue where the traffic might be coming from. So I simply searched for my name on Google and, to my surprise, found a couple of Buzzfeed videos which used my tracks as background music. In this article I’d like to present the videos I found.

The first track is Tektek which was a fairly recent composition—1.5 years old, much more recent than any of the other songs. I had the itch to revive my old hobby for one day in december 2012 and, roughly speaking, Tektek was the result of that session. It’s just a short proof of concept snippet but it nonetheless found its way into two videos:

The second track is Shine which was basically my good-bye creation to my music composing hobby. It, too, was used in two different videos:

The third one Magic goes quite well with the theme of the next video in my opinion:

The fourth Fire is a reggaeton-like beat:

Recently, my friend MVT3RIVL who initially hooked me up on creating music reuploaded his old tracks and he is now determined to revive his old hobby and thus create new tunes. Check him out.

What do the videos and my friend’s recent comeback only tell me… Hmm, I don’t really know but for some reason I feel a slight itch in my "audio-creative" parts of the brain :P.